About Maine Portage

Maine Portage got its start in 2002 when Old Town Canoe asked if we would be interested in supplying trailers for its customers. We responded in the affirmative and have been perfecting our products since then. We started out offering 10 place canoe trailers because that is what was generally available at the time. It did not take long to discover that what was the norm did not in any way reflect the qualities that Maine Portage wanted associated with its trailers. Consequently, we now build trailers which conform to the needs of the user rather than the user conforming to the limitations of the trailer. We do have basic designs but we can build to meet the specific needs of our customer and usually without significant increase in cost.

Maine Portage solicits input from our customers and we listen to it. We realized from the beginning that no one particular design would work for everyone. Mass production does not lend itself to individual attention so we chose to satisfy our customers on a one to one basis. The time from receipt of deposit to completion is less than 3 weeks and typically 10-14 days.

Maine Portage
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